What is the Role of Social Media Marketing?

What is the Role of Social Media Marketing? - LikesForge

Today let’s talk about key factors of working efficiency of social marketing experts. To tell the truth, making business on social media is neither easy nor complicated. You just have to know what to do and how to do it.

Before starting your business on any social media you have to understand differences between social media marketing and traditional marketing:

  • Interactivity. On the Internet, you can directly influence the audience, keep in touch with your customers and fully control the situation.
  • Targeting. It helps to distinguish who is your target audience. In such a way you can show your ads only to them and be sure that it will be useful.
  • Web analytics. It helps you understand what updates, ads, and content were the most useful and which of them attracted followers who turned into customers.

The aim of every business is to make a profit and everyone has to understand why social media is the best platform for business. If you don’t understand anything in social media there are people who are experts in it.

If you want to hire a SMM manager - here is the list of questions you have to ask them. Answers can say a lot about the level of SMM expert skills:

  • Describe your promoting schemes
  • How will this affect my business?
  • Did you buy something on any social network?
  • Describe your understanding of how the work should be built?
  • Provide a sample of content that needs to be posted

In general experts in social media marketing do three things: content, communication, and traffic.


SMM manager is responsible for making and publication of photos, videos, and posts. They decide what the best time for posts is and what content is the most suitable.


People want to find communication in social media. You can lose your potential customers if you forget about dialogue and will post only selling texts


Traffic is the flow of potential customers. They are your target audience. Without traffic, there won’t be any sales. It means that you have a lot of new followers. This problem can be easily solved if you buy Instagram followers or if you buy Facebook followers (it depends on the social network you are working in). On our website you can also buy Youtube views, Twitter followers etc.

You have to remember that fact that social media marketing can’t guarantee good sales. People buy not because the photo is perfect, content is cool and ads are perfectly optimized. They buy only when they are sure that these goods are useful for them. Social media marketing experts have to find your target audience.

On Facebook and Instagram, you can see page reach. This factor is very important for SMM managers. There they can follow up how many people have visited your account for the certain period of time.

We have already mentioned the importance of your followers, but what is more important is the active nucleus of your accounts. In other words, people who are fans of your brand. These followers always put likes, leave comments and make reposts. Hypothetically, these categories are the most loyal customers. In reality, the "active nucleus" is an indicator for determining the usefulness of content.

Let us tell you how to create such customers. You need to have your own strategy. Of course, you can make business without it, but you won’t develop. If you plan to grow your business and invest in its promotion, you should have a strategy. Its absence leads to chaotic and spending.

Before we start discussing different types of strategies let’s talk about its notion. Strategy is a non-detailed long-term plan that leads to the achievement of the goal.

The aim of social media marketing is to increase sales. Hence, the strategy in social media marketing should contain a sequence of actions to increase the profitability of the company.

The strategy in social media marketing is a plan of actions for increasing sales.

You should understand that presence of strategy isn’t a magic wand that will automatically raise sales and bring you success. You have to follow strategies all the time.

Every strategy consists of three steps:

  • First step – every strategy has to begin with the understanding of who your target audience is, why do these people buy your goods, create an image of your customer.
  • Second step – learn your competitors and realize what you think about them. You have to consider not only your direct competitors but also pay your attention on how you can solve problems of your customers.
  • Third step – define your goals and methods how to achieve them. Decide which social media marketing tools you will use and why.

How to understand what strategy is proper?

The proper strategy should be based on the development of the weak points of your business and on the strengthening of strong ones as well as on maximizing the effective use of current resources.

The strategy in social media marketing is always individual and must be based on your target audience, on the analysis of competitors, on learning the goals of the business and on web analytics. Don’t forget that in social media marketing there isn’t any standard strategy that works well for every business.

There are some tasks you have to work with: langing, web analytics, search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, search advertising and mailout.


The main task of landing is to convince the visitor to perform the targeted action. An example of a targeted action is to click the "buy" or "register" button. Target action (target) is the main action that the user must perform on the site.

Landing has a high efficiency and low cost in comparison to the usual website. The landing page can be developed in a short time. It's not difficult - you can do it yourself with the help of site-designers.

Web analytics

Analytics helps you to gather information about your account's visitors and their actions on your site. It’s made for improving your business processes on your website. Thanks to web analytics you can better analyze your target audience, understand what they like and what they don’t like.

Search Enginge Optimization

It is a site optimization process for search engines. It helps your site to be in the top list in the search. The higher in the list your site is the more people will see and visit your site.

Social networks

Social networks are a convenient channel for distributing your content. An account on social networks can be viewed as a separate site where you won’t only talk about the company, but also communicate directly with your audience. The main work in social networks should be aimed at creating your own community. This work involves attracting and uniting people who love your brand. You can start promoting your goods on social networks.

Content marketing

This is a type of advertisement, which a person sees when he is looking for something in search engines. Before starting contextual advertising campaign you have to choose the search engine. You have to decide which of them is the most popular among your customers. Mailout. It's a mass sending of letters to your subscribers. Content marketing brings its own high-quality traffic to your site and improves your image.

Contextual advertising

This is a type of advertisement, which a person sees when he is looking for something in search engines. Before starting contextual advertising campaign you have to choose the search engine. You have to decide which of them is the most popular among your customers.


It is a mass sending of messages to your subscribers. The important point is that mailout has to be really useful, so people will be reading your messages without frustration.

To sum it up, we want to say that social media marketing became an essential part of increasing sales in business accounts on social networks. It often changes, so you have to follow all updates to be in touch with the world of social media marketing. Don't forget that you can increase the number of your potential customers if you buy Facebook or Instagram followers on our website. It’ll save your time and you’ll have an ability to work more with your content and don’t think about the number of your followers. Let me know in comments below if this topic was useful and interesting for you!