Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy YouTube Views and YouTube Likes

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy YouTube Views and YouTube Likes - LikesForge

With 80 percent of Internet traffic set to be Video-based by 2019, the numbers don’t lie when they say the future of Online marketing is in YouTube videos. The fact that YouTube is also only second to its sister network, Google, in the battle for search engine supremacy and the third most visited site across the globe, there is little or no wonder as to why brands, companies, marketers, startups, entrepreneurs and everyday individuals are genuinely concerned about getting their content on YouTube.

But it’s one thing to upload a superfine 4k video that everyone can watch, it’s another thing for your videos to get the actual number of views you want leave the desired impression with your target audience. Luckily, the latter can be achieved by buying YouTube likes and YouTube views. If you’re looking to test waters or still undecided on whether buying YouTube likes and views is the next step for you, here are 7 solid reasons to buy YouTube views and YouTube likes.

Get Social Proof

When it comes to social media, the numbers always matter. Having more likes and views on your video content is highly regarded as a social license of standard, interest and acceptability.

The implication of this is quite phenomenal. First, in the mind of your regular subscribers and first-time viewers, having racked up significant amount of YouTube views and likes mean you are an authority figure in that interest area or subject niche. Second, these numbers can help you advance on the ladder of engagement and reach.

Consider buying YouTube likes and YouTube views a nitro boost in the race for SEO. This initial push makes your YouTube video somewhat ignore-proof and getting more and more viewers to the video means a higher ranking on the algorithm to do better. Because your videos have appeared to be popular, people would generally take interest in them as the number of YouTube likes and views will stand as a review that your content is great. This is one of the most important reasons why you need to buy YouTube likes and YouTube views.

Drive high-quality traffic back to your business or brand website

As earlier established, having hundreds and thousands of views on your YouTube video is an excellent way to advertise your content by yourself and by your viewers. It’s like a recommendation to others saying “Hey, there’s something exciting here”, but it doesn’t have to be limited to that.

Another reason to buy YouTube likes and YouTube views is the amount of quality traffic you can drive to your business website. Every captured audience from your video views is a potential customer for your brand. If you have structured your videos to promote your business website or brand or attached links in the description, buying YouTube views and likes can significantly increase your traffic to your website. Given that you have audience in the relevant category, this traffic can convert into sales and revenue for your business. Simple math!

Rank higher on searches

As at today, YouTube’s video statistics stands at a billion visits every day. While this means that the site is an excellent platform to feed your audience and market your brand, it also means that you will need to put in significant efforts to get your own share of those visits. So, how just do you do that? By buying YouTube views, you can rank higher on top of searches both within the platform and on Google. This is because Google uses a search algorithm that favors YouTube content and since the number of views and likes are important criteria, buying YouTube views and likes from a high-quality provider is an excellent way to be found and stay relevant in the searches.

You will need to bear in mind that you should be buying from a professional and high-quality provider like to ensure that you get traffic of viewers that actually watch your videos as watch time is just as important in ranking your video SEO.

Encourage your audience to view

When you buy YouTube views and YouTube likes, you’re boosting the chances of success of your video and encouraging people to come and take a look at the stuff you have. You will recall that we’ve mentioned that YouTube takes views and likes into consideration for ranking in search results. However, buying YouTube views can also push your audiences to view your content as social media statistics have shown that no one really wants to be the first to like or view a content. The general impression is that if your video or channel were really worth anyone’s time, there should be hundreds and thousands of likes and views already on it. Buying your first wave of views and likes is definitely a way to get the interest of those YouTubers that don’t want to be the first to watch or thumbs up your content.

Increases the chances of your content going viral

Two things that are mostly required to boost any video content to go viral are views and shares. While you may not be able to buy shares, buying YouTube likes and views is a significant way to convince viewers to see your content. Giving your video content that initial push can help give it the much-needed impression to ensure that no one can ignore it when it ranks highest on search results. From accruing more organic likes and views in addition to the bought likes, you increase the likelihood of your content being shared and if it’s just as interesting as half the effort you’re willing to put in, you’re definitely on your way to landing a viral hit

More subscribers

Buying YouTube likes and views can be a way to increase the number of subscribers to your channel. Again, this comes off being social proof and the perceived influencer and authority status that your video has from the high number of likes and views it has received when you buy.

Your competitors are doing it

Buying YouTube views and likes is already a common trend in the video marketing niche. Most YouTubers that own channels and accounts with high number of likes, views, subscribers, shares and impressions boost their image and content reputation with an initial head start from buying YouTube views and likes.

Buying YouTube views and likes can be an effective way to level the playing field and give your content just as much initial impression to rank or outrank competitors in your niche and gain more traffic.

You already pay for ads

From Google AdWords to Facebook ads or twitter cards, you’ve probably been using one or more methods to drive traffic to your YouTube content. Consider buying YouTube views and likes as a means to generate traffic and impression for your content. Since you’re paying some amounts for your ads, investing some funds in buying quality YouTube views and likes can be a way to improve your content visibility, drive traffic and fulfil its primary objective of generating more views for your content.

Bottom line

From improving search engine rankings to becoming social proof, gaining subscribers and improving the quality of your traffic to both your content on YouTube and your website, the benefits of buying YouTube views and likes are innumerous. Since YouTube is favored on the Google search algorithm, you can expect that content with higher views and likes such as yours will receive higher rankings for making better impression. Higher ranking also translates into more exposure and more subscribers that can be leveraged on multiple video. Finally, buying YouTube views and likes to your content will definitely help you to boost the number of organic reach your video and channel has as time goes on.