To Buy or Not to Buy? 12 Untouchable Reasons why You Should Buy Instagram Likes and Followers

To Buy or Not to Buy? 12 Untouchable Reasons why You Should Buy Instagram Likes and Followers - LikesForge

When it comes to social media engagement, brand development and customer strength, the numbers say it all. From startups launched yesterday to established “movers and shakers” Fortune 100 brands, the importance of having a sizeable network of customers and audience can never be overestimated.

The widespread belief in the number statistics is so profound that many customers rate brands and their authenticity based on the number of followers, likes and retweets, therefore, it has become a trend to buy active followers on the plethora of social media platforms available. Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, the concept of buying followers and likes is all but a recent strategy.

Why buy Instagram followers?

The benefits of the buying strategy are well-placed and commercially encouraging. This is especially true for new brands (both personal and business), upcoming models and celebrities as buying offers the amazing ability to make an instant impression about their reach. Boosting your Instagram with thousands of active followers also opens your brand up to the eyes of a significant number of followers that may be interested in your website, goods and services.

Still contemplating? Here are 12 solid reasons why you should consider buying Instagram and Twitter likes and followers.

Instant Kickstart

For small business looking to get a quick response from online marketing, buying Instagram and/or Twitter followers presents the opportunity to boost your impression in the public eye. A considerable number of followers for a starting brand can be a good indicator that such business or personal brand is a good one to follow. It is also a common metric employed by brands to estimate their social media efforts.

Increased account activity

Another instant advantage of buying genuine Instagram and twitter followers is the increased activity level on your account. As you’d expect, an account with 5000 active followers will have more activity than one with 500. The more active followers you have, the higher activity and reaction to your posted content such as likes, followers, comments, clicks and much more.

Grow your brand presence

Brands, people and companies with a large follower base on Instagram as well as those who are actively growing their following are in a phase of improving their presence. What this translates to in layman’s language is that your brand has begun to climb a ladder of recognition, influence and reputation. This also means your brand is perceived as valuable and your presence is noticed and appreciated by the activity and interaction of your page.

Tap into the power of social networking

Instagram like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is a network of individuals. Buying a larger active follower base means that whenever any of your followers takes an action (such as liking and commenting) on your page, their followers see these activities under their following tab. This allows you to boost your reputation with your active followers and yet leverage their own followers in ways that may benefit your brand.

Increase website traffic

Irrespective of what your business does, a large and active Instagram follower base can and should increase in increased website visits. As is the case with Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, Instagram allows account owners to add a link to their website bio. Accounts that have bought genuine Instagram followers can also be confident that their followers will take action when they use phrases like “link in the description”. An increase in traffic also improves Google algorithms and ranking because that brand bought genuine and active Instagram followers.

Promoted website or product sales

Another key benefit to buying Instagram followers and likes is the opportunity to promote your business and expose your services to a wide array of real people. This way, you get a chance to increase your potential income any one of your followers could be interested in your offerings. This point is a strong reiteration of the ability to recover the amount spent on buying real followers in a matter of minutes. Bought followers allow you to leverage their own following. You also get potentially higher website increase and conversions for your products and services.

In-app search results and search engine result pages

The Instagram search page is a trending hub for the social media app. This is where all users go to find their favorite personalities, brands and celebrities. The explore page also offers all the valid insights on who to follow based on a series of criteria (including likes and account followers) and algorithm. Buying legitimate Instagram followers presents your account with a strong opportunity to rank higher in the app search page. Getting steadily increasing interactions on your page may also allow the algorithm to feature your brand in the explore page as increasing genuine followers is a sign of being interesting. Also, social media marketing is one of the components of SEO and higher account activity on your page may boost your ranking in search engine result pages like Google or Bing.

Enhance your credibility

With many parody accounts on Twitter and Instagram, having a large number of active and genuine followers will stand you out amongst competition and cloned accounts. As earlier mentioned, numbers greatly matter in the social media sphere and having a significant number of followers that are actively interacting with your brand will leave you unique and credible amongst your competitors as number of followers in the case will be an indicator of success.

Become an influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the biggest forms on indirect and affiliate marketing strategies online. As an influencer, your key objective is to share brands, product and services that can be aligned to your audience for an agreed amount of money. Becoming an influencer is however not an easy task and it can get daunting on your journey to building a top reputation. Basically, you can claim an influencer status when you have about 5k followers and a significantly active interaction and page activity. In order to grow your Instagram status and grow your reputation, you can buy genuine Instagram followers and likes that will boost your reputation. This way, you can start reaching out to certain brands and companies that do not require more than 5000 followers to get started.

Augment other marketing strategies

SEO, search engine optimization, content and internet marketing consists of many faucets in which social media marketing and influence can be a component. In order to build your overall status of your brand, chances are you are already using a plethora of strategies to optimize your products and services. More often than not, these strategies are all connected by social media and having a significant number of followers allow you to key in all your marketing efforts to thousands of audiences and their followers. Also, by buying genuine Instagram followers and getting genuine likes and page interaction, you are fast-forwarding the process and scaling the hurdle of gaining the audience. This way, the audience is already there and you’re left with the task of leveraging these large amounts of bought genuine Instagram followers to build brand, trust and increase conversion.

Build cross platform audience

If you have an Instagram account for your brand, chances are you probably have a Twitter and a Facebook for it too. With proper content and strategy, you should be able to leverage the large number of active followers that you’ve bought and get them to your other social media platforms. This way, you build a core network of audience that is synonymous with your brand. You also get to leverage their followers and friends on the other social media platforms. To get more out of your bought Instagram followers, host competitions and post content with links to your account on other platforms.

Instagram followers are affordable

For around $10 or less, you can buy a cup of Starbucks coffee, an egg cutter, an e-Book or about 500 to 1000 Instagram followers. If you are looking to increase your business and brand performance, the latter will serve you better and put you well on track in your journey to becoming a badass Instagram influencer.

Wrap up

The advantages of buying Instagram likes and followers as explained above is plentiful. The strategy of padding followers is widely used by both small and big brands, personal, official and commercial accounts. Buying Instagram followers allows you to make a credible impression among competition, complete your journey to influencer status quicker and ensure higher conversion for your website, brand and services. Finally, when buying Instagram influencers, it is highly imperative that you opt for a platform that provides you with legitimate and active Instagram followers that you can leverage to build your brand. Likes and followers generated by low quality profiles typically return with very little or no activity. So be careful, and check our Instagram followers packages.