7 Tips to Turn Your Followers into Customers

7 Tips to Turn Your Followers into Customers - LikesForge

I have one more follower, it means one more customer! That’s a real dream for Instagram entrepreneurs. Nowadays Instagram is a great framework for communication. Your account in a social network can be turned into a source of your income. The problem is that not everyone knows how to manage it properly. Here are 7 easy tips which will turn your followers into customers.

Selling content

The business account doesn’t have to contain only promoting posts. People will be bored. The key is a balance! Post your customers’ opinions, do questionings, introduce new products, and make sales. Do giveaways at least once a season, it’ll attract more and more audience and at least half of them will stay with you.

Entertaining content

You have to involve your followers in the dialogue and make your account live. The best way to create a pleasant atmosphere is to add some entertaining content. Share your thoughts with your readers, ask them questions and be active in comments. Don’t forget that your customers’ feedback is very important. Be attentive not only to positive but to negative feedback as well. Well-minded criticism will help you to develop and become better.


Use “Stories” as often as it’s possible. Why is it so important? After the latest updates of Instagram some posts disappear from our feed. If we don’t put like on posts of certain accounts we won’t see their new posts. It doesn’t work with “Stories”. We’ll see all of them on the upper side of our feed. So it’s a great opportunity to remind about your account showing backstage in your stories.

Informational content

You have to become a real expert for your followers. That’s why you need informational posts. You can write about the history of your business, tell about your failures and a long way to success, people will like it. Write about latest trends and news in your sphere. Write why follower has to choose you, share with your audience information about quality of the material, modern equipment and different trainings for your workers. You have to write everything which will highlight your advantages and underline your uniqueness.

Be unique!

If you want to attract new customers you have to offer them something they haven’t seen before. Don’t be afraid of experiments. People love unusual and extraordinary things.


Don’t hesitate to ask popular bloggers to advertise your product. Their followers trust them, so make sure your goods are tempting enough, so more and more people will be eager to taste it.

Treat your customers as if they are CEOs

Make your followers feel special. Give them special propositions and promotions. Don’t forget about perfect service. Don’t make them wait long for the answer and try to send them their purchases as soon as possible. Also don’t forget about regular publications where you inform your followers what they can buy, how quickly and easily make an order and where to find prices. Customers will appreciate all this information and they will choose you and not your competitor.

We hope all these tips will be useful for you. And now take your phones and let’s do business!