7 Reasons Why You Ought to Buy Facebook Likes

7 Reasons Why You Ought to Buy Facebook Likes - LikesForge


With over 2 billion registered users and a billion monthly active users, Facebook is unmistakably the king of social media. The popular blue icon company presents a massive potential audience for every type of business, but with over 60 million active business pages on Facebook, the competition for the all-important likes is a closely-contested rat race.

If you happen to be an adept user of social media marketing techniques, you probably already know the importance of racking up as many likes as possible on a post. But social media marketing or not, you ought to know how your business is faring on Facebook and other platforms like Instagram. There is no getting around it. For Facebook, the number of likes, interaction shares and engagement of your post is critical to ranking and reputation of your brand or business.

As a growth-oriented brand, you will continually need to employ Facebook and other means to boost your business, share your services, market your offers and interact with new and existing customers. However, there are times where it can be very difficult to make an impact. This can be due to low number of content interaction such as shares, comments and likes. Likes have the power to increase your audience, boost your sales, give your business the impression of a successful brand, which is why it is very imperative to get as much as possible. Since both new and existing brands can find it tasking to grow their content engagement and likes, buying Facebook likes is a strategy that can deliver many opportunities in a matter of minutes. That’s not all. Read on to find out top 7 reasons why you ought to buy Facebook likes.

1. Boost your business image immediately

You may understand that you need more likes for your content, but do you understand what they really do? More likes increase your reach to audience and customers. It also affects how your people perceive your business and brand online.

On Facebook, individuals are more likely to check out the profiles of friends and communities that have the big audience. Without a voluminous number of likes, most individuals will not give the content the attention it deserves.

Also, likes help to boost the image of your brand and the impression of your page in the Facebook algorithm as content with more interaction receive higher points and rank higher. This offers the chance to make an instant impact for a new brand and sport the impression that there is something exciting to see about that brand (both new or existing), for it to have accumulated significant likes on its content.

2. More likes can influence your potential customers

If a potential customer decides to take a tour of your brand’s social media page and finds a large number of likes, it would only reiterate and assure them of your reputation and why you are an important page. As is the case in most cases, people are attracted to what others are attracted to. This means that if your page has a lot of likes for a shared content, potential customers will take the number of likes as a factor or some alternative type of review. It is a suggestion of recommendation of people that have tried the brand and as such, potential customers may be more inclined to go ahead to do business with you or buy your product/service considering the massive impression you seem to have accumulated on your page. Sometimes, buying Facebook likes may just be what you need to kick start your brand and then continue growing your followers and friend base to produce better financial outcomes or more conversions for your marketing goals.

3. It helps you to get more followers

As mentioned earlier, like begets like. What this means is that if you are a new brand that is just starting up on social media or social media marketing, buying Facebook likes is a great way to secure a head start in the competition for favored brands. If you begin your page with a significant number of likes, there is a high probability that you will naturally grow at a faster rate and receive more friend requests. The impression from having likes aplenty will almost certainly mean that your organic likes and followership will grow at least two or three times the rate it would normally grow.

4. Likes may indicate that your account has an influencer status

Having enormous amounts of page likes comes with a lot of opportunities. One of such is the influencer status that your account may be perceived to have. Being an influencer means that you have a significant ability to drive traffic, direct audience, instigate actions and interactions with your audience and consequently, the friends and fans of those in your network. The opportunity here is that your account may be contacted by other businesses and brands to help with building a content, impression, reposting or sharing their own content to your wide array of audience for an agreed form of settlement or monetary payment. This perceived influencer status also means your own page will grow day by day in followership and likes.

5. It keeps your page active

When you buy real Facebook likes, not the fake ones with bots, there is a fresh injection of activity that would immediately begin on your page. Old followers and friends typically begin to become less active over the years, but having new followers will spark more interaction on posts, in groups and pages. This means that older followers and friends who may have initially considered backing out may opt to remain for the new interactions and the new followers may also leverage their own friends to join or like your page.

6. It makes your business stand out among competitors

This is particularly true for new businesses. When potential customers line up their options, the numbers are all that counts on social media and having lower likes puts you at disadvantage against your competition. This goes to reiterate the earlier point that likes could serve as a means of customer review. Buying Facebook likes shows credibility for your page and will tilt most customers to opt for your services over that of your competition because of the rate of positive interaction or thumbs up on your page. Furthermore, since likes is one of the criteria for ranking, potential customers looking to find your business will naturally see businesses with more likes and followers atop of their search results because of the way the Facebook ranking algorithm perceive these businesses. Having all the important likes thus makes your business stand out amidst the lengthy number of business offering similar services.

7. Likes are an indirect form of publicity

Likes work like a push in the practical world. This gathered impression can be likened to an indirect advert telling people “Hey! There’s something interesting over here”. This puts people into a curiosity mode that leaves then exploring your page. Also, if you have a superb social media strategy, buying Facebook likes will go beyond impacting your Facebook account but may also push your friends, likers and followers to explore your other social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Having more likes means you have an opportunity to sell your products and/or services to a wider number of potential audience that will be more willing to convert for your brand when they take the number of likes you have into consideration.

Bottom line

Social media, without doubt are here to stay. Even with the laudable growth of platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook is without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest among the social networking website lot. From musicians, charity groups, businesses and startup entrepreneurs to popular companies, brands, Fortune 500 and simple everyday users, the platform is one that avails your business of an enormous potential to speed up your business and make your brand go viral. One of the handful of methods that can help you achieve these goals is the like button. With users generating 4 million likes every minute, there is no telling the significant amount of instant impact that buying genuine Facebook likes can do to your page and content reach.

Buying bot-generated likes and likes for sources that are not credible can put your page at a lower ranking or even get your account banned. If you already have a significant number of likes on your page, buying additional Facebook likes will boost your profile even more and help you to reach your business goals whatsoever they may be. With Facebook, the potential is endless. All 7 reasons listed above present strong cases worthy of consideration when contemplating whether to buy or not to buy likes. With a great social media marketing strategy in hand, having more likes give you the head start you need to take your brand or business to the world instantly even when you are just starting out.