Key Factors of Epic Instagram Photos

Key Factors of Epic Instagram Photos - LikesForge

Instagram is thousands of new photos from millions of users every day. Do you want to become a part of it? Not just an ordinary user but a successful blogger with huge audience? So you have to learn how to make photos for Instagram!

The first problem for the most users is to decide what to shoot. Hmm, maybe cats or food? And now take your phone and look through your Instagram feed. How many cats, coffee and salads000х have you seen for these two minutes? Do you really think that one more cat and doughnut bring you success? Forget about this! Our world is so wonderful and exciting. There are a lot of really worthy things you can share with people. Each photo has to have a story. Try to figure out interesting plots, make unusual shots, find out unexpected views and don’t do banal poses.

There are two types of Instagram users. The first one is an account full of beautiful, interesting and funny shots but they are not connected with user anyhow. The second one is a gallery of personal photos and memories. There we can see pics of the user, his/her family, friends, and pets. There the user shares his/her own experience, successes and failures, events and everything which happens with him/her in everyday life. There we can also see the most popular type of Instagram photos and we are talking about selfie. It’s completely natural wish to share with your friends a photo of your child from New Year party or your selfie with a new haircut. And ok, forget about what we’ve recently said about your cat. You can make really funny pics of it! But before you start making photos remember the first law of Instagram world – Be original and know when enough is enough. You don’t have to spam your follower’s feed with dozens of similar photos from your child’s swimming competition. One will be enough. Don’t try to make a picture of mountains when you’ll see them on the horizon or at the bottom of it, wait till you reach the top! There the view will be really breathtaking and you will share that amazing atmosphere as well as a short story of your climbing experience with your followers. Don’t post three selfies a day. Choose one your best selfie and post it, but of course not every day, one time a week will be perfect. Let’s return to food, don’t make such photos if you are not professional food photographer who can make a masterpiece from a bitten apple.

Another key factor is a quality of your photo. Let’s talk about it in details. As sad as it sounds the great part of Instagram photos have poor quality. It’s a chance to differentiate yourself from others if you take some pieces of advice:

Always take a lot of photos and then choose the best. You have to choose only one photo! It’s really important.

Make sure that the light is okay and the image is clear.

Look for new poses.

Don’t stand on one place, change locations.

Notice shadows and silhouettes, you can make really fantastic photo with them.

Try to catch emotions and feelings, not just static picture.

Crop a picture.

Use filters, but don’t go crazy with them. Remember that filters can completely change initial picture, which though not always benefits.

Pay attention that in Instagram besides filters there is a wide spectrum of tools for editing. Don’t hesitate to use them.

Don’t forget that Instagram is a social media and the success of your post depends not only on your photo but on people’s reaction. Use hashtags, place locations, like and comment other people’s posts.