9 Instagram Trends You Need To Know For 2018

9 Instagram Trends You Need To Know For 2018 - LikesForge

Instagram has experienced one of the most phenomenal growth since its launch in 2010. Starting as a Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger social media app on iOS, the Facebook-owned social media platform now boasts of a staggering 800 million monthly active users. This juicy number represents a wide array of audience and a plethora of possibilities that can be leveraged by individuals, brands and global businesses to effectively distribute content, reach customers and grow revenue.

As we breeze through the year 2018, a multitude of trends have popped up. These strategies also demonstrate a potential to fine tune your social media and social media marketing strategy. Even though it’s just may, we have been able to capture 9 Instagram trends in 2018 and we’re certain that these won’t lose their cool till 2019.

Instagram Stories

Originally introduced in August 2016, Instagram stories made its mark in 2017. The introduction of the feature was one of the most important updates to Instagram albeit tagging it has innovation may be a little unfair to Snapchat.

Instagram stories has also had a resounding advantage for brands and businesses. Accounts with over 10k followers enjoy the benefits of adding a link within the feature while small scale businesses and individuals can use these memories to bring their audience closer to them. Considering the fact that the number of daily viewers on Instagram has surpassed Snapchat’s within the space of 365 days, this feature is one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon or for the foreseeable future.

Videos, videos, videos

With 80 percent of the world’s data set to video-based by 2020, you can bet that Instagram’s growth as a video-oriented platform is not going to slump. Video content is extremely popular and its ability to leave lasting impressions and convey emotions make it increasingly important for many businesses and brands.

When it comes to interaction, videos generate more shares, likes and comments that the rest and since Instagram is where everyone seems to be, brands can create and share their videos with their audience on-the-go thanks to Instagram stories or via their regular posts.

Enhanced visual search

The implementation of a visual search system that allows users to search image content has been really impressive. As the search feature on the Facebook-sister platform continues to be upgraded with AI, you can look forward to improvements in 2018 that will present better results and search capabilities.

Again, brands and individual businesses stand to benefit here as users will be able to search using hashtags and objects featured in posts to enhance shopping.

Face filter AR

Augmented Reality, AR, are an exemplary way to take face filters, one of Instagram’s most significant addition to the next level. But how does this influence your business, you may ask? Well, for one, the addition of branded face filters as seen on Snapchat is used to promote movies and associate users with their favourite brands. The growing possibility of using branded face filters imbued with AR can help to take the regular Instagram selfies to the next level while bringing users closer to their favourite brands. If Snapchat could get it done, expect to see this in Instagram very soon.


Hashtags aren't going anywhere. From the smallest groups of friends to the biggest celebrity actions, hashtags have been a crucial feature in creating new habits and social cultures. Although initially introduced as a means of categorization and labelling, hashtags have been a way of culminating common interests. You can count on a continued adoption of hashtags by brands to increase engagement and by users to sort out what they may consider a cluttered feed as they also enhance search and discoverability.

User Generated Content

UGC, or user generated content is another feature that will inarguably swell in 2018. While there are many effective strategies for marketing and advertisement, nothing really makes an impression as one satisfied customer embarrassing you with genuine accolades for the quality and functionality of your products and services. Although there’s the small annoyance in the fact that Instagram doesn’t house a “retweet” button like twitter, even the manual effort of re-posting a UGC will do your brand many good in terms of revenue and impression. Since people trust online reviews, consider a UGC content as a panacea for recommendation, review and appraisal. Before you go around reposting a user’s content, ensure that you have obtained permission and rights.

Expansion of shopping tags

2018 also promises more improvements on Instagram’s business options. In order to remain a fun yet profitable socio-sphere, Instagram will need to stay competitive and integrate with other business platforms that are forerunners in revenue growth. This gives us a hunch that Instagram is very likely to expand their shopping tags and as such, you can get ready to see businesses adding brief product descriptions and price tags of their products.

Influencer marketing won't slump

As the number of businesses and brands adding influencer marketing as a strategy in their social media marketing, it is very hard to see how Instagram-based influencer marketing won’t be on the rise.

Every future-thinking brand understands the need to use neutral audiences that have a large influence to sway prospects and potential new customers their way. Brands that continue to rely on only traditional advertising strategies will also definitely be pressured to shift grounds as soon as their competition starts blowing them out of the water.

Refined social analytics

Buttressing the ability of Instagram and other social media platforms to deliver tailored content remains the reason for content personalization and interest generation. In order to achieve this, you can bank on the need and development of a more robust social analytics tool to ensure each individual’s content remained tailored to their tastes. Marketers and brands are sure to enjoy the best of these and leverage it for improved business results.

Wrap up

As we run down the rest of the months and approach 2019, these trends are the most likely to stay put or grow on Instagram. Whether for business or personal use, strive to get your social marketing strategies embedded with the trends above and you will be more than certain to see improved results.