5 Solid Tips To Get Heard On And Off SoundCloud

5 Solid Tips To Get Heard On And Off SoundCloud - LikesForge

SoundCloud remains the largest and one of the most influential music community online. The German-based platform has no doubt reinvented the way we understand online music publicity, distribution, ownership and collaboration, providing a resilient and efficient panacea for independent artists, DJs, Producers and Mixers to maximize their music promotion. Whether upcoming, B-list of Top-tier artist, SoundCloud offers tons of useful tools that can help build a solid fan base, promote music, collaboration and popularity.

Since SoundCloud is unimaginably diverse and widespread, it is quite understandable when artists and musicians experience challenges in promoting their content to the relevant audience. Luckily for you, we have a handful of highly effective and trusted tips to help you get the most both on and off your SoundCloud. Here are 5 solid tips you can get started with right away!

Use the right tags

As is the case on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, tags and hashtags are important components of metadata that play very important roles in ensuring that your content is in the face of relevant people. Using the right tags can help your new fans find your music. From tagging to into the right genre to using location, moods and popular punchlines, having an honest and detailed tag on your song will help your track come up in relevant searches on the platform.

Try to use a single genre to convey clarity, if your track is in the RnB genre, be sure to keep folk, pop or rap out of its tags just because you think you would be found that way. Also, try to tag and link your collaborators’ SoundCloud, use an @ to mention their SoundCloud names. This will be particularly helpful if you have worked with an influential figure on the song, allowing you to leverage both yours and their fan base.

Killer Artwork

It is just as much about the visuals as it is the sound. From SoundCloud to Spotify, iTunes or Audiomack, album art matters. You should strive to have a killer artwork that represents your music no matter where it is hosted or posted. This is because artworks help to convey identity and confidence to a track. If your song gets embedded on a website or blog, your artwork will appear there. The same goes for a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook.

Take as much time as you would spend producing your music with your artwork. Album art matters on SoundCloud and should be bold and clear. For the best results, use the .JPG or .PNG formats with the image spanning no fewer than 800 x 800 pixels.

Even if you’re not great at design and Photoshop, feel free to invest and hire a freelancer or an expert outlet to help you produce something well worth it.

Buy SoundCloud likes, buy SoundCloud Plays and buy SoundCloud followers

Perhaps one of the most efficient strategies, the Likesforge.com buy SoundCloud packages are one of the best ways to boost image, reputation, reception, popularity and acceptability of tracks on SoundCloud. Buying SoundCloud likes and Plays are one of the best ways to boost your ranking and performance on the SoundCloud websites.

When you buy SoundCloud likes, you promote your music to a wide array of audience that have been incentivized to play your track. Tracks with a large number of likes convey the impression that there is something interesting to be found and listened to in the song.

Likes also beget shares and since no one really wants to be the first to like or play a track, the Likesforge.com buy SoundCloud likes and buy SoundCloud plays can be a great way to stay social proof, boost conversion and promote your music to relevant people that may interested in collaborations, remix or even some form of promotion for your music.

Numerous buy SoundCloud followers packages can also help to deliver your music to an audience that is genuinely interested in your genre, help you to build your fan base and promote your likes and plays. All these packages will work hand in hand to leave you track booming on and off SoundCloud.

Use your social proof everywhere and add a buy link

If you already have a large fan base or an impressive number of followers and fans on the big social media platforms, this is the time to start tweeting, sharing or posting links to your music. This will be inarguably influential if you have used any of the above likesforge.com buy SoundCloud followers, buy SoundCloud plays and buy SoundCloud likes to boost your track’s impression. This way you have something to tweet about. Feel free to share screenshots of your track’s performance after buying a thousand likes or plays on your preferred social media channel.

Another way to get more off SoundCloud is to use the "buy" link provided by SoundCloud with your track uploads. Add the right links to direct your audience to buy on iTunes, Juno or whatever means you employ to sell your tracks online. If you have a pro account, you can change the button to anything. If you fancy a donate by PayPal or Stream on Spotify link, feel free to get the best out of your music on and off SoundCloud.

Use SoundCloud influencers and share across all your channels

As earlier mentioned, it is very beneficial to post your content across a wide array of social media channels. SoundCloud also allows users to auto-post tracks to all associated social media platforms automatically. This will begin as soon as you upload a track.

As is the case with any online community, influencers exist on SoundCloud. Be sure to contact SoundCloud influencers to help you promote your track to the right audience, producers, DJs, Club mixers and many more to help you grow on SoundCloud.

There you have it! Those are our 5 solid tips to help you grow your music on and off SoundCloud. Use these tips to stay social proof, boost your popularity, impression and grow your online musical presence.