Fastest Growing Social Network: Instagram

Fastest Growing Social Network: Instagram - LikesForge

Social media have become an undeniable cornerstone of digital marketing. Facebook might be the most popular of all social media with a rank of 3rd on, but Instagram is arguably, the fastest growing social network in the world with a rank of 17 worldwide in only 5 years of existence (compared to 17 years for Facebook). The fact that the website is owned by Facebook also shows that the experience and lessons learnt by the pioneering social platform are being most beneficial for its younger sibling. The rapid rise of the platform's popularity is obvious in its reported 800 million monthly active users as of September 2017! This shows the importance of harnessing the massive marketing power of this potential audience.

Instagram is not only popular, it also primarily uses photos, the reputed visual medium that faster conveys a thousand words. In the way they are presented from a specific account, the images are directly related to that account allowing businesses and individuals to more effectively brand their social media marketing. It is also about expanding your reach beyond borders without language becoming a barrier of its own.

Growing a following can take a lot of time, connections, and a deeper understanding of marketing, acquisition and retention. It can turn out negatively when left in the wrong hands. So many agencies will promise a number of followers who end up either unfollowing within less than a week or just being inactive. This often happens with companies that have yet to understand that the quality of the followers is the secret to their active and long following. On top of it, Instagram followers are very sought after as the platform is currently highly fashionable, so the prices are reflecting the demand. This often encourages the proliferation of marketing cowboys who offer quick and cheap solutions that end up damaging a brand rather than supporting it. is different. We offer some more than competitive prices, starting at only $3.99 for a whole lot of 100 active followers. Not only that, we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee, because the followers we select for you are high quality and active, and beside, we have automatic loss replacement. The methods we use are secure and we offer a choice of regular or even fast delivery. To crown it all, no password is required.

It is a dilemma in the social media marketing world: to buy or not to buy. Buying feels like cheating mostly because a lot of people are just getting numbers. But in the same way that advertising on TV, cinemas and outside billboards basically just put the content in front of users to chose whether or not they want to adopt it, so LikesForge makes your brand available to its vast pool of Instagram active followers so that only those who are interested in your message actually follows you. This way therefore, you get a larger percentage of sticky followers from the start. In those inevitable cases where a few of them choose to unfollow, they are immediately replaced. What is there to lose for you?